First Serigraphs

I am very excited to share that my very first serigraphs are available at my online shop.
They are made from three original drawings and all color spots are handmade before the black screen print is done what makes all prints unique and slightly different from each other.

Open Studio

From the 21st till the 23rd of December, I am showing my latest work at Artroom, where my studio happens to be.
My drawing projects Hoi Polloi, Vulto,ID and Animalia will be available as well as my first serigraphs.
On the 21st from 6 pm to 10 pm, there will be a warm gathering with the gentle courtesy of Claudio Corallo delicious delicacies and J Portugal Ramos great rosé wine.
Would love to see you there!

Warm Gathering - 21 December - 6 pm to 10 pm
Open on 22 and 23 December - 2 pm to 6 pm

Artroom | Pátio do Tijolo 1, Lisboa

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Drawing - Hoi Polloi, Id, Vulto and Animalia



My work is about how the physical body interprets the conceptual body. The invisible world creates the visible world. I want to change people’s thoughts about social issues as thoughts and universal energy are the same thing. They change the world. The people I draw in these project are mostly imagined by me. All of them have different personalities and important goals in their fictitious lives. I am deeply interested in the relationship that the human being has with himself and with the others. The natural need to connect with each other creates a space where emotions are shared. Through my work, I like to play with the senses to create a reaction in people. This project consists of color spots made of acrylic paint that overlap traces on paper creating flat layers.

My shop is now live!

It's been six months since I have been working on my drawing projects. I have had the pleasure to meet in person some of my clients and these studio visits have been very interesting as they are informal and end up with pleasant sharing of interests and creative processes. This part where I meet my clients or people that just want to know a bit more about my work is crucial to my own creative process. Not only because as an artist people are my main study subject but also because they are the ones who open the door to the real world. Well I do love to be locked at my studio creating and listening to music, I can spend several days disconnected from the outside just focused on creating work to fulfil my goal as an artist and as a person. But it is essential that we as creative creatures connect with the outside world and make connections in order to create roots outside of our controlled comfort zone.

During these last six months I also had people from Portugal and abroad who knew exactly which drawing they wanted so they didn't need or want to meet in person and with a short exchange of emails, they quickly became clients.

After this whole experience I thought it was time to create my own online shop but of course, you are welcome to make a studio appointment with me as well.

All the work that results from my projects that I chose to sell is available here.

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Interview to Umbigo Magazine

The several layers of Branca Cuvier

Pink Macho.jpg

There’s an impressive amount of talent around Branca Cuvier. From her mother, the painter Joana Rosa, to her grandma, the plastic artist Helena Almeida, Branca comes from a family of artistic women and architectural men. The latter are the earth, the former the fire and the air. Branca is the fruit of all this, is also the different sum of the parts.
She started with drawing, but the bi-dimensionality of her jewellery was the place where she found a more full-fledged form of expression. After having created her own brand, taking her to the zenith – her own, more than the brand’s – she is back to her roots. With an elastic reasoning, one always sharp-minded, she explained to us the inner process that has taken her from Baguera to simply being Branca Cuvier.