Interview to Umbigo Magazine

The several layers of Branca Cuvier

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There’s an impressive amount of talent around Branca Cuvier. From her mother, the painter Joana Rosa, to her grandma, the plastic artist Helena Almeida, Branca comes from a family of artistic women and architectural men. The latter are the earth, the former the fire and the air. Branca is the fruit of all this, is also the different sum of the parts.
She started with drawing, but the bi-dimensionality of her jewellery was the place where she found a more full-fledged form of expression. After having created her own brand, taking her to the zenith – her own, more than the brand’s – she is back to her roots. With an elastic reasoning, one always sharp-minded, she explained to us the inner process that has taken her from Baguera to simply being Branca Cuvier.