This project was showcased at "My Suitcase is my Oyster" at Pinakothek Der Moderne in Munich and at the Dutch Design Week 2010.

I am now taking this project to the next level and for that I need to grow my list of 121 secrets. Know how to be part of this project below. 

We are closer to each other more than we can ever imagine. We will never know about it, because owning and keeping our own secret is what makes us feel unique. This project is about having the chance to feel a bit less unique and reveal our secrets, such as special tastes, bizarre things, weird or normal worships…


Before when people had secrets they didn’t want to share, they would climb a mountain, they would find a tree and carve a hole in it.

And whisper the secret into the hole. Then cover it over with mud. That way, nobody else would ever discover it.

Won Kar Wai

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